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    Specialized in the Innovation of Functional Materials, Create Value for Stakeholders



    Core Technology

    R&D Technology

    Coating Technology

    Product Application Technology



    • Temperature is an important factor affecting the operation stability of electronic products. If the heat generated by electronic components such as batteries and screens cannot be diffused as soon as possible. MORE...

      Thermal Conductive Material
    • With the continuous development of the downstream consumer electronic equipment industry, the internal functional parts of computers, tablets, smart phones have been modular and intensification. MORE...

      Removable Material
    • With the increase of product coverage of touch-screen smart phones and wearable devices, the chances of contact with grease, cosmetics, skin lotion, beverage and sweat, which will interfere with the function MORE...

      Chemical Resistance Material
    • Due to electronic products need to achieve complex functions in a small space, it may have short circuit, high potential difference and other risks. The electrical conductive material can form a path while fixing. MORE...

      Electrical Conductive Tape

    R&D Capability

    Our Company

    Company Profile

    Suzhou Shihua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the design, development, and manufacturing of functional ...

    Honor & Qualification

    Provincial Enterprise Technology Center,National "High-tech Enterprise",Provincial Intelligent Demonstration Workshop...

    Green Development

    The RTO equipment used in the production process of shihua is a kind of efficient organic waste gas treatment equipment. The principle is to oxidiz....


    • In order to enrich employees' leisure cultural life, relieve their work pressure and increase their cohesion, so that they can enjoy MORE...

      Happy May, Happy Travel
    • At present, China's adhesive tape enterprises mainly rely on exports, most enterprises rely on exports to drive the market, the production MORE...

      The Top Five Trends for Adhesives
    • The main raw material of PE protection film is LLDPE, which is soft and has a certain tensile property. Generally, MORE...

      PE Protection Film

    Get in touch with us

    Our Address

    No.168 DaGuang Road,

    Wujiang Economic Development Zone, Suzhou of China


    (0512) 63199366



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